Tesla Model Y Full Coverage Door Handle Vinyl Car Wrap Kit - 4 pcs

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    • THE ONLY FULL COVERAGE KIT ON THE MARKET: Our kits are a TRUE “Chrome Delete” for your Tesla Model Y door handles.  They smoothly cover the front, back, top AND Bottom for the most professional look. Other kits leave a chrome trim of door handle.
    • EASY INSTALLATION: We ship our kits with transfer film so you can fine tune the positioning of your vinyl wrap, ensuring precise and easy application. Installation time is around 5 minutes. 
    • INDUSTRY LEADING 3M QUALITY: All of our vinyl wrap kits are cut from 3M 1080 film with self-healing technology that erases scratches and scuffs with heat. Fingerprints and dust are an even more simple wipe away.
    • APPLICATION SQUEEGEE INCLUDED: We want to make your installation process as thoughtless and easy as possible. We’ve included a convenient pliable squeegee to help in creating full door handle coverage especially around corners. 
    • 2 BONUS WRAPS: Have confidence in knowing that you'll get a perfect install.  We included 2 extra bonus door handle wraps just incase those mistakes happen. 

Have confidence knowing your installation will go smoothly with our FULL COVERAGE EV Armor Tesla Model Y Door Handle Wrap Kit.  These kits are simple to install in under 5 minutes. We’ve included everything you need to guarantee perfect application. Our kits include: 4 pcs door handle wrap kit + application squeegee + 3 alcohol surface wipes.

Search for our EV Armor walk-through video for instructions on how to install your EV Armor Tesla Model Y Vinyl Door Handle Wrap Kit.