California HOV Sticker 2022-2023 Paint Protection Film

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Your Shield Against HOV Sticker Residue

Designed specifically for California HOV stickers, our paint protection film kit ensures residue-free results, preserving your car's paint integrity. Made with high-quality Avery Dennison paint protection film, this film from the 2022-2023 collection offers superior adhesive strength. This film is perfect for those who are OCD about alignment making it easy to position as you wish.

  • HOV Films - 4 pieces (2 big pieces - 2 short pieces)
  • Squeegee
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Spray Solution Bottle 
  • Fits 2022 & 2023 HOV stickers
  • Made out of Avery Dennison Supreme Defense Film
  • Proudly Made in California, USA

Application Time: 15 minutes
Application Difficulty: Level 1

Step-by-Step Guide for Installing Your California HOV Film

Step 1: Use the cleaning wipes provided to remove any dirt or residue. 

Step 2: Using the spray bottle, spray the 90% water and 10% dish soap solution on your hands and the protected area. Peel off the cutout slowly from the backing paper and apply the solution onto it.

Step 3: Align the cutout where the HOV sticker would normally go.

Step 4: Use the provided squeegee to firmly attach the cutout and eliminate any bubbles or liquid solution.

Step 5: Use the provided micro-fiber towel to wipe off any liquid solution and place the HOV sticker on top.

Maintenance Guide for Your California HOV Film

How Long Should I Wait Before Touching the Newly Applied Protection Film?
The protection film will take approximately 48 hours to settle and cure. During this time, avoid touching the film, as initial bubbling is normal and will dissipate once curing is complete. Avoid washing or driving your car; if driving is unavoidable, be gentle with the coating to ensure proper curing.

How to Clean Your Film-Coated Car Safely and Effectively?
To clean your car's film coating, gently use a microfiber mitt with car wash soap, and soak any hard-to-clean spots for a few minutes. For extra tough stains, apply 99% isopropyl alcohol or lacquer thinner, and always dry the surface with a microfiber towel. Avoid brushes, terry cloths, or paper products as they can damage the film, especially around its edges.

 Application Walk-through video

Q: Is it easy to install the film cutout myself or do I need to hire a professional?
A: Thanks to our precise, easy handling cuts, our film kits are easy for you to install so there is no need to hire a professional. We also provide step-by-step instructions on how to install your cutout along with a comprehensive walk-through video for you to follow along. 

Q: How does Paint Protection Film PPF Kit for HOV Access OK protect my vehicle's paint from residue and discoloration?
A: Rash Guard Crystal Clear Self Healing Paint Protection Film is the ultimate solution to protect your Tesla's side skirt from scratches and scrapes caused by regular road obstacles. Our film features a durable material and advanced self-healing technology that form an invisible shield around your car's paint job. This guarantees maximum protection without compromising its appearance. And in the event of scratches or stains, just apply heat to the affected area, and the film will recover, leaving it looking brand new.   

Q: Can I remove the film without damaging the vehicle's paint?
A: Our film is GUARANTEED not to leave any sticky residue and will remove cleanly making the removal process a breeze without damaging your vehicle's paint.

Q: What should I do after installing the PPF to ensure its effectiveness?
A: To ensure the effectiveness of the PPF, we suggest waiting for at least 24 hours before driving your vehicle to allow it to fully adhere to the surface and prevent water and debris from getting underneath. During the 24 hour period, it is also advisable to avoid washing your vehicle or exposing it to extreme weather conditions.

Q: I have wrinkles (fingers) appearing while installing the PPF, how do I remove them? 
A: If you notice wrinkles, or fingers, forming while installing the PPF, don't worry, it's a common occurrence. Using a heat gun or hair dryer, gently warm up the film to make it more pliable. Once it's warm, use the squeegee provided to smooth out the wrinkles. Start from the center and work your way out to the edges to avoid creating new wrinkles. It's important to use a light touch with the squeegee and be cautious not to apply too much heat as this can damage the film.  

Q: How long can I expect PPF to remain effective on my vehicle?
A: Avery Dennison assures us that this material is durable and has a life span of 10 years.

Q: What should I do if there are visible bubbles in the PPF after installation?
A: To address visible bubbles in the PPF after installation, we suggest that you lift the affected area and use a squeegee to smooth out the bubbles. However, for relatively small bubbles, it's safe to leave them alone as they will eventually dissipate on their own.