Upgrade: Heated Steering Wheel for Model 3 & Y!

Upgrade: Heated Steering Wheel for Model 3 & Y!

One of the rumors about the 2021 Tesla Model 3 and Model S has the potential for a heated steering wheel. Looking at the evidence available, it appears Tesla may be offering a heated steering wheel soon, available via software update. Although we haven't seen anything pop-up yet, and with the cold season that is already upon us, today we are going to make that steering wheel heated.

The Model S and X have a heated steering wheel which is absolutely amazing you can even turn it on through the app. It is very convenient specially for colder climates. The Model 3 and Y however do not have this feature just yet so today we will go into the process of making your Tesla Model 3 and Y heated.

Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk. We also suggest to turn on your heat and precondition your cabin which can also heat your steering wheel. Another option is to get a driving glove, but if you want to make the wheel itself heated, you can follow this process.

We found this product: HEATED STEERING WHEEL COVER

Although this may seem like an obvious solution, we have found this as a better alternative while waiting for the supposedly Tesla upgrade.

This product is not wireless and has a long stretchy cord which is also detachable. The heating wheel cover is constructed out of quality plush, durable, soft and comfortable and non-slip inner material. The non-slip inner provides more safety performance when driving. The heat steering wheel cover will automatically release a temperature of 95 degrees to 120 degrees enough to warm your hands up.

The heated steering wheel cover provides a comfortable warm ride during freezing winter. Line the heated steering wheel cover to the cigar lighter before you drive. It takes 1-3 minutes of warm-up, you can feel it warmer and warmer. The cover itself has a universal fit of 14.5-15 inches diameter that suits most steering wheels like standard cars, trucks, SUV, and RVs. The wheel cover protector comes with a car adapter for vehicles.

That is how we can temporarily add the heated steering wheel feature to the Model 3 and Y. While we are still waiting for Tesla to officially add it as a feature, this is an acceptable replacement for now.

Speaking of steering wheel upgrades, our precision cut steering wheel wrap kit for the Tesla Model 3 allows you to tastefully change the color of the steering wheel to match your interior or create any color combination you wish. Made from premium 3M 1080/2080 vinyl, these wraps are made tough and designed to last for years. Installation time is approximately 10-15 minutes.