Top 10 Must Have Accessories for your Model Y & 3

Top 10 Must Have Accessories for your Model Y & 3

When you get a new Tesla Model 3 or Y, it comes fairly well equipped, but it still needs a few accessories — some like any other cars, and others specifically for the Model 3 and Y.

Accessories for the Tesla Model Y are vast and plentiful. After owning the Tesla Model Y and 3, we have narrowed down the accessories we have to just 10 of the best accessories to have and we recommend the most that will make your Model Y or Model 3 even better. These accessories range from vehicle protection, convenience, to overall experience.

There are some accessories that you should get before taking delivery of your Tesla Model 3 or Y so that you can have them ready to go from the moment you take delivery.

Protecting your Tesla Model 3 or Y for the long haul means having protection in place from the very beginning.

Console Wrap

One of the very first things you should get is a center console wrap. Like many Tesla owners, we are not a fan of the glossy piano black surface of the center console. It is a dust and fingerprint magnet so a quick and easy fix is to install a center console wrap. Our EV Armor console wrap kits comes in 6 finishes; Carbon Fiber Black and White, Satin Black and White, Brushed Metal Black, and Matte Black. We also have created a step-by-step guide that helps you install these in just a few minutes.

Screen Protector

The touch screen is the brain of your Tesla so you need to protect it at all costs. This screen protector comes in two different options: a matte finish for reducing glare or crystal clear if you prefer to not alter the way the screen looks. Either one you choose, it’s a must have for protection.

Premium Floor Mats

When it comes to mud and snow, there’s no substitute for a good set of all-weather floor mats. The mats can be custom designed to maximize protection of the floors from spills, stains, dirt, snow, and more. They’re made of premium quality odorless material that’s BPA free, non-Toxic, and environmentally friendly. The mats are strong and durable in all weather conditions, and the best part is they’re very easy to clean with just a quick spray down from a hose.

Wireless Charging Pad & USB Hub

The Model Y and newer Model 3 already have wireless charging, but the charging pad provides an upgraded wireless charging experience. It’s fast, has a grippy high-quality surface that’s resistant to scratches, and fits perfectly in the console area to provide vertical and horizontal charging for up to 3 devices. Another product is a 6-in-1 USB hub that allows you to use up to six different devices for charging and data purposes. It has three front USB-A ports and two USB-C ports. One of the USB-A ports is located inside a special compartment with a magnetic lid to help hide your Dashcam Sentry Mode storage device which is a lifesaver if someone ever breaks into your Tesla they won’t be able to take the USB drive because they won’t be able to see it.

Magnetic Phone Holder Mount

As much as I love Tesla’s 15” touch screen I still like to use my phone for certain things like Waze navigation and Spotify because Tesla’s Spotify app is still very lackluster. So in order to safely use my phone while driving I got this magnetic phone holder that mounts to the display using a non-residue adhesive, and it works pretty well. It comes with a slim magnet that sticks to the back of your phone case, and you can mount it vertically or horizontally. I mounted mine vertically, and it allows me to safely use my phone while driving instead of putting it down in the console area. And it does a good job at keeping the phone held securely in place without moving around even when turning and speeding up. It also really comes in handy if you drive Uber or Lyft.

Door Labels

Once you get your Model Y or Model 3 you’ll quickly realize that many of the passengers will be confused on how to open the door from the inside. People too often end up naturally using the mechanical release to open the door, which is not good, since Model 3 is equipped with frameless windows. These simple labels that show an open door icon will save you from having to explain which button to press to every single rider when they are getting out. Our door button sticker for the Tesla Model 3 adds seamless style and protection and blends in with the rest of your Tesla Model 3. Tesla is rumored to actually put these on their doors at some point, but for now these are a quick & easy fix.

Protectant Spray

The protectant spray works wonders at giving your dash and glove box surfaces a nice smooth matte finish to help protect them from scratching or scuffing easily. It’s not made to remove scratches, but rather you should spray it on as a preventative measure. However, I did scratch my dash before putting this stuff on, and when I did put it on it helped clear the scratches almost completely.

Pedal Covers

Get the performance look on the non-performance Model 3 and Y with a set of aluminum pedal covers. They look great and give the pedals a nice, solid feel. Our Tesla Model 3 aluminum pedals which come in 2 pieces enhances the style and appearance of your standard Model 3 with this performance pedal. It has a non-slip surface design, safe for driving and strengthens the friction coefficient. It’s super easy to install with no drilling or welding required and inexpensively enhances the look of your Model 3.

Center Console Organizer Tray

One more Tesla accessory for your Model 3 center console: an organizer.
This one is definitely not a must-have, but it’s useful if you want to keep your storage space neat in your Model 3. Add more usable organization to your Tesla Model 3 with our center console organizer.  It has plenty of space for keys, spare change, sunglasses and more.  It automatically fixes a fundamental storage and usability issue of the Tesla Model 3.

All-in-One Screen Cleaner

For cleaning the touch screen display, we use a cleaner tool that has a soft micro-fiber cleaning surface on all sides, but also has an integrated spray so you can quickly spray and wipe to clean the screen. This is especially handy during these times of trying to stay as healthy as possible because the cleaning solution inside is anti-bacterial, and is fully compatible with screen protectors.

You can’t go wrong with any of these picks for yourself or the Tesla owner in your life.